How cooking methods affect AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products)

Excellent information regarding AGEs.


AGEs are proteins permanently cross-linked with sugars. The research is controversial ,some data show low absorption of these substances ,others show increased oxidative stress if someone eat a lot of it. these substances aren’t necessary for the body. avoiding completely is impossible but reducing AGEs intake spares antioxidants in the body for other tasks. improves skin quality ,better regeneration etc.

Glycated protein content of foods can be very different depends on the cooking techniques and other processing like aging cheese. Steaming ,cooking in water or pressure cooking don’t increase the AGE content significantly. Pressure cooking is the best method because the food don’t reach oxygen while cooking.
Cheese is very high in AGEs. the glycation happens over time even in room temperature from the air 

and some numbers… mg/100g 

Cheese, American   16,790
Chicken, grilled        14,440
Chicken, raw              4,170
Egg, fried                 13,670
French fries      …

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