Long Hair Growth Progress

Long Hair Growth Progress



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  1. Sure! I varied my diet quite a bit to make sure I was getting a plethora of nutrients. A typical day would’ve been something like this:

    Breakfast: A cup of spring water to start, then followed by low-fructose fruit from the yard or market and some kind of protein and fat. Ex: coconut, avocado, nut butter (homemade with spice grinder) quinoa, and tbsp flax seed oil/coconut oil. I like to make blended green smoothies with the vita mix with good fats and fruit.

    Snack would be very different on a weekly basis. I enjoyed hummus wraps made with collard greens and a lot of vegetables from the yard. I usually had some bean, lentil or legume for snacking as it helped my energy levels. Plus, I like potatoes like jap potatoes, red and purple potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes.

    Lunch would usually be leftovers from dinner, soup with homemade sprouted bread, or a healthy version of a dark leafy green stir fry/salad. My partner is inspired by contemporary Japanese food. Can you tell? 😉

    Snack: sometimes a vegan coconut yogurt with fruit, granola and nuts.

    Dinner was very unique on a nightly basis. I followed my cravings and if I had a craving for cheese—we would make something that tasted like cheese. For example: we made a cheddar broccoli soup with nutritional yeast for the cheesy-ness. I liked it with some kind of complete protein like sprouted hemp or boiled quinoa and good fats. Servings were all quite large since I’d eat till I was full and plants are low-calorie.

  2. Yes, the diet I was on didn’t work for me or my partner (he lost hair too). Nor did my family or friends have success on the vegan diet after some time.

    My diet has been the same macros for the past year. I still garden and have organic plants as a moderate part of my diet. I’m not low-carb per se, but I certainly limit my carbs because I tend to have stable energy when I do.

    In the morning I either have 2-4 pasture eggs, with an orange or “cutie” 😛 depending on the day I workout (I lift weights few times a week).

    Lunch is leftovers from dinner, with some greens or potatoes (not white).

    I may have some nuts as a snack or fruit.

    Dinner is always amazing! My partner cooks dinner mostly. I enjoy wild-caught salmon, but that’s not too often due to it being $15/lb. I only get it when it’s on sale. As for the proteins: We enjoy organ meats (gizzard, liver mainly), pasture chicken, bone marrow, organic steak (when on sale), bison, lamb, sometimes pork but not often vegetarian, sometimes we’ll make a vegan dinner for fun 🙂 all of our meats are from good-quality sources, no grain-fed, no medication administered. Serving size for my activity level and body is around 6-9oz of meat each time we eat it. We usually don’t have much meat leftover. We have our proteins with various plant foods, some wild edible plants prepared right. I like some starches in my diet as well and some grains from whole sources. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the info. I’m having much troubles with my body and my diet and i cant figure out what to do. I’ve tried the 80-10-10 diet and it seemed to help my colitis and constipation. …. But after a yr, i started binging badly and found out I have raging levels of yeast/fungus and a parasite. I tried doing a more paleo type diet, but it made me so inflamed, from my gut to my mucosa in my mouth/lips/nose! I’m frustrated bc i feel like nothing works. I’ve put on fat wt and lost muscle and can’t sleep and just feel icky. Hormonal issues, emotional instability…. I cant find what works. Some say to avoid carbs and do High fat… Others say to lots of green juice, green smoothies, and a cooked veg – based meal at night… Some sayall raw, some say all mmeat…. Idk. I’m so confused. My ideal diet would be a fuhrman type diet, but beans don’t like me lol

    I’m glad u found what helps u. Do u have any suggestions for me?

    What r ur macros approx?

    Luv and hugs!

  4. I would highly suggest strong probiotics and a ketosis type diet for yeast/parasites. I think I had a yeast overgrowth eating higher fruit but it went away with probiotics and limited fruit. I recommend avoiding all fruit for some time. What kind of parasite is it and how long have you had it? You’ll probably need medication to kill the parasite. Are you seeing a holistic RD, nutritionist or physician?

  5. I tried nixing fruit and i got very inflamed and constipated. I just binged on dates and bananas yesterday and today bc i cant go.But, obviously, the sugar makes me feel imbalanced aand icky. Ketosis.. Ugh. That’s a recipe for being backed up lol.

    How did u fix ur yeast specifically? And why do the 80-10-10 dieters say it helps cure yeast overgrowth? I’m so Confused….

    Doctors don’t help. Even holistic ones do the know anything abt nutrition and only load u up on tons of supps and shakes

  6. Douglas Graham isn’t a nutrition major, that’s why. Sugar feeds yeast in the body, but he believes it’s not sugar. I have no idea where his source is for this? I would do strong probiotics too!

  7. Why did eating paleo swell me up and ulcerated my lips, cheeks and nose? My lips got so dry and scaly the i couldn’t even smile without cracking my lips. I was eating fats too. I never had that on 811. And paleo made me very stopped up, despite eating tons of veg. Any ideas? How can I try it again without getting these issues?

    Right now, I’m thinking of doing green juice, a green smoothie, and a cooked sweet potato and veg dinner. Idk what else to do.

  8. Green juice may not help you bc the fiber is removed. You can try the yams or sweet potatoes with cooked vegetables. Being stopped up could be caused by dehydration and swelling up could be several issues. Was it your upper neck? Did you explain this to your doctor? I’m not sure. Never heard this happening before!

  9. How’s your thyroid? Was it hives? Are you eating bananas? Avoid bananas for now.

    You may need to slow down on your dietary changes. Ease into it. Don’t reduce your carbs too much.

  10. The swelling was water retention and inflammation… Also inflamed and ulcerating mucosa. Idk what it was from. 😦

    Why are bananas bad?

    Did u ever do the 80-10-10 diet?

    I did try to ease into it… I didn’t cut out carbs completely and still ate things like squash and sweet potatoes. Ugh 😦

  11. I wouldn’t cut out good carbs. After all, they do serve a good purpose in the body. Definitely don’t binge on them. My partner likes to binge on carbs since I’ve known him. He’s always liked carb foods (example: my multi-grain pizza crust that I never could eat) He’s like my raccoon 😉

    No, I never even thought about trying 8/1/1 but I know people that did. They just didn’t look healthy to me in general. All sickly and skinny. I knew better than to eat fruit sugar since I’ve never done well on high fruit diets and its not natural for humans. Some people may like it since fruit is easy to digest, and their GI tracts are impaired. I still don’t think there’s any plant that’s as nourishing as a pasture chicken bone broth.

  12. So what are good carbs to still eat while trying to beat yeast/fungal overgrowth and a parasite? What are good macro ranges to follow?

    Any other diet advice?

    Lol abt ur bf being ur racoon. 🙂 my dog plays the same role

  13. I couldn’t tell you honestly because you’re not my patient and I’m not a doctor :/

    But, the best foods to avoid are: Avoid all refined carbs, fruit, fermented food, avoid grains, sugar, HFCS, tea, and limit dairy. Eat only whole foods no canned food, no salsa (surprisingly has carbs hidden), etc. Probiotics are a MUST!!! Have you tried any anti-fungi medicine? Also, the digestive issues can be caused by yeast overgrowth. Are you a stage 4? If so, you’ll probably need medication asap! How’s your breathing lately? If its stage 4, you’ll definitely need a doctor. The yeast can damage your immune system and the parasite as well. Get those taken care of.

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